Reopening to the public- May 27th

Jan 2, 2023

We're back! Museum opening to the public every Saturday from May 27th!

Over the last few months, our technology heritage facility has catered for many visiting school and special interest groups who were enthused by the experience in what can be correctly dubbed a 'Living Museum'.

But from May 27th, we will be opening the doors to the general public every Saturday from 2pm to 4pm. We have spent much of the last year revamping this national  treasure putting in new thematic displays including a games zone with original Xbox consoles connected on a pre-broadband LAN (Local  Area Network) to allow multiple players on one game. So popular at teenager game parties in the early 2000s.Thanks to Philip Burke for the consoles with the Lan box and to Diarmuid Keaney for the screens.

To attend this very special opening, register at Eventbrite

More details of our new exhibits to follow daily on our Facebook page

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