DEC 50th Anniversary Reunion

May 2, 2022

To mark the 50th anniversary of the arrival of Digital Equipment Corporation to Galway, the museum has commissioned a series of interviews with those who were involved with Digital over the years.

Digital played a major role in the development of Galway as it grew to become the vibrant city it is today. It also brought ground-breaking technology to Ireland and in doing so it sowed the seeds that led to Ireland becoming a global player in the hi-tech sector.

Interview 1: Bruce Ryan, a member of the start-up team and the first Financial Controller of the Galway plant. Interviewed by Paddy Donohoe

Interview 2: Charlie Mulligan, former plant manager of Clonmel and Galway. Interviewed by Kevin O’Reilly

The museum wish to thank those who agreed to be interviewed and to all the interviewers.

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