A Byte of the Apple exhibition in late 2020

Jul 13, 2020

A 'Byte of the Apple' exhibition in late 2020.
The museum will host a major exhibition to celebrate 40 years of the Apple corporation in Ireland.
The expo will include a full range of mainly operational computers from  over the last four decades including the iconic Apple IIe, Lisa,  Macintosh, original iMac,  iPods, early iPhones and iPads. Promises to be a very  memorable, exciting 'hands-on' experience!
In October 1980, the company opened its first manufacturing factory outside the United States, at Hollyhill in Cork city where it assembled Apple II personal computers for the European market.
Forty years on, it is still there. In 1980, they were assembling Apple II personal computers in Cork for the European market.

Brendan Smith

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